The Year of Weddings

Do you guys remember that telephone game we used to play as kids? I had a similar experience last night when I called HLP to let her know that I got her save the date card. We were chatting and she mentioned that my good buddy PJP got engaged. I'm sorry.... WHAT! This guy is one of my very oldest and closest friends and I found out about this monumental event through a friend who heard from her mom who was told by his mom that he was engaged! Ferris Bueller* much?
Turns out this happened about a week ago and since he is a pilot he doesn't have much phone time so we ended up chatting for about an hour about how exciting this all was. After I congratulated him we touched on wedding planning talk and what a nightmare it can be. It got me thinking though, with my own wedding four months away, I'm in pretty good shape planning wise. I have:
  • a dress
  • a venue
  • a photographer
  • a florist
  • rings
  • favors ordered
  • invitations ordered
  • someone to perform the ceremony
  • cake tasting on Saturday
So far so good right? And this morning a good friend sent me a list of ideas which I thought were really cute and plan to try and incorporate them into the rehearsal dinner or ceremony or reception. With all this wedding talk I thought I would throw this question out to you, loyal readers:

What was the most memorable aspect of your wedding? Or if you aren't married, what is something you know you want included in your wedding?

*My best friend's sister's boyfriend's brother's girlfriend heard from this guy who knows this kid who's going with the girl who saw Ferris pass out at 31 Flavors last night. I guess it's pretty serious.


212degreedesigns said...

our wedding was a fall carnival.
there was bobbing for apples, hay bails for the kids to play on, a snow cone machine, and bonfire. : }

i was barefooted and it was in his parents yard.

if i could tell anyone anything about planning their wedding...
it would be to seriously stop thinking about it as a goal.

it's a day. just like the rest of them only you have a reason to dress up and be super special that day. not the cake or the flowers or the guests even. just you. both of you.

LET it be whatever it wants to because, and continue on with the next chapter in your life.

and above everything else.

save that money for your life together, not just the first day of it. lol

i so wish i could be there! : }

Andrea said...

Honestly? My wedding day is a blur. What with my nerves being what they were, the preacher almost needing to be taken to the hospital, people talking about things that simply didn't need to be talked about before hand, the heat, then the photos, the everybody wanted to talk to us, not even eating any of the food that I'd planned for....it's all one big blur. Other than the items I just itemized right here.

Coodence said...

Good question. The most memorable aspect of my wedding - I was so happy!! I just had so much fun and felt so pretty and was just so glad and in the moment.

I loved where we got married, I loved the food, the dancing, the wine, the preacher's talk, the pictures, the flowers, the girls dresses, all of my favorite people in one room.

MMMM and the cake was good!

hotdrwife said...

There were a couple of important things about our wedding day:

1. We had our engagement picture framed and a blank matte around it so everyone could sign it - so, our guest book now hangs in our hallway and it's wunnerful.

2. My grandpa walked me down the aisle because, obviously, my dad is gone. And when it came time to say "who presents this bride", my grandpa said "in honor of her family and in memory of her father, i do". Awwwww.

3. The programs I had done had little 'bits' about each of our bridal party and it was fun for the guests to read while they waited on us.

I'm sure there are more, but those are what I remember off the top of my head.

Lisa..... said...

Most memorable: when the guy who was going to marry us ended up in the hospital and his replacement showed up 15 minutes before the ceremony. He called me Kelly in the ceremony. Funniest moment ever.

Something I wish I did: Bought the more expensive dress. But we paid for the whole wedding ourselves and I bought the bargain dress.

I wish I could have lots of weddings. It was soooo much fun.

212degreedesigns said...

Lisa.. is sister and mother pulled some pretty crappy things at several points during the whole thing...
so i told him directly afterwards that we had to get married again...
and again..
and again..
i don't even care if it's on the same day each year or not...

i LOVED doing it...

the whole making of a ceremony that was us..
the dancing..
the bottle of champagne i carried and hardly drank out of...
and the LAUGHING and smiling..

... yea ,.. over and over again.

: }

Sassy said...

Do I get a "Save the date" card? :)

Favourite part of my wedding? Shit..I had a BLAST. The best was after all the formal parts (kissing my new husband and turning to face our closest family and friends was AWESOME though) was the party. We made sure to enjoy it. We danced, we drank, we ate, we visited. It truly was the best day of my life (well second best day now...Mason takes top spot!)