The Wrestler

There has been a lot of talk about this movie and how it is Mickey Rourke's comeback vehicle so I felt that since it finally found its way to Oxnard, Buzz and I should see it. So we did. I tell you it was a movie-a-day this past weekend. After seeing Gran Torino and Slumdog, I thought we were on a roll as far as good movies were concerned. I can't decide if this third flick was fantastic or if it was overshadowed by emotional exhaustion after the other two.
I will say this, Mickey Rourke deserves any and all accolades he gets. His portrayal (or "portrayance" depending on who you ask) of a washed up professional wrestler whose last hey day was in the late 80s is dead on. I didn't realize we would have the added pleasure of seeing Marisa Tomei as a past her prime stripper but she was great as well. Evan Rachel Wood plays Rourke's estranged daughter and the scenes between the two of them are quite powerful.
The rest of it, though, is just a tragic story about two adults who can't seem to find their niche in modern day society and rather than face reality choose to hide behind an alias in a second life. Buzz commented that until about halfway through, he didn't realize that this movie was set in the present because everything seemed to reflect the late 80s. I have to agree with him. So after the fantasy of GT and Slumdog, we were slapped in the face with a healthy dose of reality. There is no happy ending here, just life being as gritty as it can be.


Buzz said...

You puttin' me on blast mb? haha.

Great job on all the reviews!

hotdrwife said...

I want to see SO MANY MOVIES right now and I'm afraid I'll be waiting for Netflix. But, The Wrestler and Gran Torino are on the top of my list.