White Slaves and Madams and Pimps, OH MY!

In August of 2007 I read a book called The Devil in the White City. It was my first foray into nonfiction books written like novels. Since I enjoyed it so much, I threw Sin in the Second City onto my wish list. BFF sent it to me for Christmas and I just finished reading it. This book is about the Everleigh sisters, Minna and Ada, two madams who ran a famous brothel in Chicago in the early 1900s. Their courtesans - the Everleigh Butterflies - were part of an exclusive club that didn't allow the drug use, alcohol abuse and robberies normally associated with prostitution. They were afforded the best medical care, gourmet meals and glamorous attire. They would recite poetry to their "boys" and made more money than any other whores at the time.
This book focuses a lot on the underbelly of the world's oldest profession - the corrupt politicians, paid off policemen, and the pimps who protected all of them. No story would be complete without an antagonist so of course we have the reformists show up to ruin the party. There's nothing like a Puritancial goody-two shoes to rain on a parade. When these two worlds collide it is really rather interesting. I had no real knowledge of this particular part of American history and I have to say, it was worth the read.
That's three books in three weeks. Sup?!?!

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Lisa..... said...

You win!! I only did 2 books. I wish it was more, but Christmas break was kind of hectic!!