I have never really watched a ton of it. I would make time for Jeopardy! on the phone with Crusty when we were yewts. There were few scattered programs I really enjoyed but I never really got sucked into the big shows. 24? Nah. I don't have the attention span. Lost? Too scary.
Last semester? I developed the perfect schedule for evening TV viewing:
Monday - How I Met Your Mother
Tuesday - House
Wednesday - Bones
Thursday - Must See TV - The Office and 30 Rock
Sunday - Fox's cartoon line-up. Natch.
When my old man's up for the weekend we spend a lot of time watching football or HD nature programs or the Food Network... basically anything he wants to watch because I dub him king of the remote when he's home.
However? This semester my TV line up is all jacked up, yo! And do you know who is the culprit? The swill that is American Fucking Idol.
Now? Bones is on Thursday. I can work it out that I watch it before The Office and 30 Rock BUT this week is a 2 hour special and the two networks collide!
House is on Monday but that messes with HIMYM!
It's a tragedy, people! I refuse to succumb to the DVR. I won't do it. But this? This fumbling of scheduling? Is precisely why I will watch re-runs of Family Guy on TBS ad nauseum as well as multiple past episodes of America's Funniest Home Videos. Oh, Tom Bergeron. How you delight me.


Coodence said...

DVR means you can keep exactly the same schedule you worked out last semester. And you can fast forward the commercials.

You will succumb.

ceedee said...

Oh, Geo-pardy.
I still love watching it - even if Alex Trebek is a little grayer.
And I'm always on the lookout for Maria, Marcos, y Chuck.

Buzz said...

You got mad quicks with the Jeopardy answers.

Old Man? When did we move to a trailer park?

Lisa..... said...

I love TiVo and I love tv. I love picking up my remote and a blanket to cozy up with my favorite show.