Look Away

The other day at the local Arco gas station, a guy resembling the gentleman in the photograph I've posted was going from car to car soliciting spare change from the paying patrons at the pump. I hate this. I really do. I mean, I get it, but I really don't like being a part of it. What I dislike more, though, is that I was inside my vehicle talking on the telephone clearly making an effort to avoid eye contact with this vagrant. Did that stop him from tapping on my window and asking me for change more than once even though I clearly mouthed the word NO? The answer is no. It did not stop him.
BFF warned me when I got to New York for the first time to not make eye contact with anyone on the street during my stay as it would only lead to trouble. Know what? She has a point. A week or so ago there was another dude walking around the parking lot of Vons. Mind you, it was well after dark and I could sense he was up to no good. I did my best to avoid eye contact but he got me! He asked for help and I asked if he needed directions. No, he told me, he had an office in Ventura (whatever that means) and was looking for people who wanted to make some extra money. I declined and bee-lined toward the car. Is that really the best way to recruit employees? Was he a pimp? I don't get it and I don't want to be a part of it.

MORAL OF THAT STORY: Keep your eyes on the prize and the bad will pass you by.


Andrea said...

I make eye contact with everyone. Especially those that look like they are up to no good and I add a "Hello" to it. Why? Because now they know you saw them. You can identify them. And they don't fuck with you.

It works, too. I'm still alive! ; )

But also? I learned that from a self defense instructor.

Plus, saying hi to people is nice. I like to be nice.

You recall telling me not to talk to the street people in Hollywood and yet I spoke to SpiderMan and a homeless dude? Yeah. I enjoyed that moment. You don't get to talk to SpiderMan everyday and homeless dude had a good point about social security. : )

Coodence said...

Yeah, still stickin to my guns here. You don't want to make eye contact with the crazies on the subway in NYC.

Lisa..... said...

Why does the title of that post remind me of a song?

When you see me walking by, And the tears are in my eyes, look away...come on you know you know it.