Confessional Tuesday

The month isn't halfway over and I'm already revising my new year's resolutions. I have learned that a lack of booze or puffin' makes me slightly tightly wound. On Friday night, one work week of "sobriety," we went to order my wedding invitations. At the risk of sounding like a bridezilla, I sort of threw a bit of a tantrum over getting my way on a ribbon I liked. Then apparently I frightened the stationery lady into thinking I was verbally abusing my mother. Either way, Buzz was told by my mother to "get me home and calm me down" and Buzz himself even suggested getting a couple beers in me so I could "relax."
Hmm... I was sort of proud of myself that I'd gone Monday morning through Friday evening without partaking in the smoking of a certain substance and not drinking beers at home. On Thursday night I do dinner with the Golden Girls (aka Ma & Gran) and I had only one wee Cadillac margarita. Normally, I'd order a large or end up having a second. Not me though. Nope. I was being good.
But I decided, with the help of my fiancé, that quitting everything cold turkey in addition to dieting, does not make for a very enjoyable me. So I decided that smoking on the weekends is ok. Having a few beers on the weekend is ok. What's not ok is the imbibing of such treats on a daily basis. On that note, I was actually quite well behaved all weekend - a couple glasses of wine on Saturday night and a few beers throughout the day on Sunday. I think I deserve a gold star.


Coodence said...

Gold star for you! Yay for moderation!

Buzz said...

I'm proud of you mb.

April said...

Very good job! I think as long as you're able to control it, you'll be ok. The man smokes on the regular and he wants to quit. But I told him that maybe he should start slow and only go to the weekends. Hopefully that works for him too. Keep it up, yo!