Barack Obama Day

Is it just me or has this become much more than an Inauguration Day? I saw some commercials last night on CBS and I think Obama has surpassed his presidency even before he has been sworn in. Don't get me wrong, I voted for Barack Obama and I completely support him. I think he is charismatic and intelligent and has the right stuff to unite a country that is in desperate need of some cohesion.
But when did he become a celebrity? Sometimes when I see these all of these singers and actors getting ready to celebrate him home, I wonder if Obama hasn't just become "one of them" - like a political Speidi.
I guess maybe prior to this, the presidency wasn't such a pop culture spectacle. Or perhaps I just wasn't paying attention. I just hope all the hoopla doesn't cloud the reality of it all. This man is walking into a huge disaster. There is a lot riding on his shoulders. People expect miracles from him. In reality? He's just a man that needs to clean up the mess a moron left before him. Just like when a coworker quits and you move into his desk - a thorough cleaning and a whole lot of catch up needs to be done before Barack Obama becomes the second coming of Christ.
He's not a miracle worker, people. He's not a celebrity. He is the President of the United States of America.


Coodence said...

He's also a total badass! GoBama!

Andrea said...

On one hand, if his being viewed as a "celebrity" will help some people pay more attention to their world and things that are going on around them, then I'm not gonna fault anyone for that. But on the other? Yeah, he's a politician and we need him to be taken seriously by the world. Which, I think they do...but any detractors could use this as an example of why he's not to be taken seriously.

I have heard enough "person on the street" interviews to be left hoping that people can let go of the super high expectations they have of him. They expect sooo much. He's one man. He currently has four years. And he's got a lot to tackle, ya know? He can't do it all and it's unreasonable and unrealistic to expect him to. But so many people really think he can do it all and there could wind up being a big backlash or something that could hurt his chances of being great and getting a second four years.