I have been driving the New VW Beetle for almost ten years now. I had a lease before I purchased Vehicular. It is a wee car that fits my personality and lifestyle to a T. It is very compact and feels like I'm driving in a bubble. The windshield feels at least five feet away. I love it.
What I don't love, however, is that the New VW Beetle is apparently invisible to other cars on the road. I seem to be in a state of permanent blind spot. People cut me off left and right and I'm constantly having to jam on the brakes or swerve to avoid impact.
Such a scenario occurred yesterday on my way to school. Yup. Yesterday was my first day of school. As if I wasn't all nerves already, I'm driving down the back road to campus (it's basically all farm land) where people drive way too fast. I'm one of them so I'm not judging. The light has just turned yellow and I'm minding my own business in my own lane when the mother-effing Orkin man whips into my lane. He cut me off so close that I had to slam on my brakes and nearly stalled the car.
What in the hell? My favorite part about this story is that I literally ended up right behind him at the next light so it was totally worth it to almost hit me. Know what was on the back of his truck bed? The 1-800 number asking how he is driving. And oh so conveniently placed right next to that number is the truck ID number.
Know what I did? I tattled. I called and tattled on the awful driving habits of the Orkin man.
Do you know why? He deserved it. I'm sick and effing tired of constantly driving on the defense and having to be 100% alert at all times knowing that I will inevitably be in a collision thanks to someone else's shitty driving.

MORAL OF THAT STORY: Don't drive like a dick and have the nerve to ask "How is my driving?"

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Sassy said...

Good for you. I'd have done the same.