When A Stranger Comes Calling

Last night while I was doing my laundry I was surprised by a knock at the door. In my family, we don't generally just drop by even though we all live within a 5-mile radius of one another. And friends? Well they just don't come by unannounced. That's just the way it is in cold-hearted California I guess. Anyway, I stared out my peep hole and I saw that there was a clean cut looking gentleman on my stoop. I thought twice and then figured "What the hell, it's before 8" and I opened the door.
What I was greeted with was an unusual undulation of vowel sounds that I could only assume was this gentleman trying to communicate with me. When I cocked my head to the side like a confused canine, he repeated the same multi-syllable, unrecognizable word. After my deductive reasoning kicked in, I realized he was asking for a person by their last name. I told him there was no one at my residence with that name and he seemed genuinely befuddled that I was the one opening the door at Apartment A.
What I found most amusing about his befuddlement was that he announced to me that he worked for the City of Ventura. I'm not exactly sure why that justified him coming calling at my door. Then he asked, "Sorry your first name?" And I replied "Randi" as that is my first name and then he in turn cocked his head at me like a confused canine waiting for me to supply my surname. I supplied it, not sure why, but then wondered, if he wanted my full name why not just ask for it?
After convincing him I'd lived there since June, the stranger then departed, apologizing for taking up my time. After a quick shake of the head I returned to my housekeeping duties. I didn't think anything of this particular encounter until I told Buzz about it and he suggested the gentleman may have been scoping out our apartment to see if anyone was home, that way he could rob us. Hmm... I never thought of it that way.

MORAL OF THAT STORY: Either I'm naive or my fiance is paranoid.


Andrea said...

I vote for both...

Buzz said...

It's more that I don't like random people showing up, not presenting identification if they work for a gov't agency, and garbling jibberrish expecting you to be someone you're not.

That's all.

Lisa..... said...

Once while home alone one of the magazine people came by. You know "Hey I live in Compton and I am trying to earn money by selling magazines..." I said No thanks, and then he was checking out my fingernails. "French manicure, nice." And then he asked me, "So do you go for black guys." I told him my husband was going to be home any minute. Then I called my husband with a run down of the guy who might be a suspect when I turn up dead.

I was totally creeped out and now I never open the door to strangers when I am home alone.

I'm with the fiance on this one.

hotdrwife said...

Remember the guy that broke into our house a few years ago? He rang the bell about three times, and when I didn't answer (Um, hello - had a new baby, no bra on and was certainly sleep deprived), he busted in my basement window.

So, I'm extra cautious.

I'm with Buzz.

Jason said...

I'm not very suspicious by nature. I probably would have answered the door and talked to the dude.