So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Adieu

2008. It was a great year. In no particular order I:
  • turned 31.
  • knocked out 4 more classes toward my degree.
  • got engaged to a blogger.
  • met another blogger and gained a friend for life.
  • saw my brother get married.
  • added another stamp to my passport.
  • got my first male lap dance.
  • moved to the beach.
  • went to quite a few funerals.
  • paid off my car.
  • acquired a dog and adopted a cat.
  • saw a lot of California.
  • took the 1 from northern Cali aaaaaall the way back to Oxnard.
  • conquered the Disney trifecta: Disneyland, Downtown Disney and California Adventure.
  • saw a lot of movies.
  • got my tineh poneh picture on Cute Overload.
  • got asked by a couple websites for permission to use my pictures.
  • quit the gym.
  • saw a non-white male get elected president.
  • saw females running in presidential/vice-presidential positions.
  • went to Michigan for the first time.
  • rode a quad alone for the first time.
  • saw Britney pull it together.
  • gained a lot of weight.
MORAL OF THAT STORY: Happy New Year! I can't wait to meet you, 2009!!!


Not Fainthearted said...

That is quite a list! Here's to even better stuff in 2009!!!!

(and thanks for the tip on the house/yard thing. I do get the overwhelmies looking at the big picture.)

(p.s. Can you believe we're finishing the first decade of the new century already? Did anyone come up with anything better than the "oughts"?

Lisa..... said...

I should make a list. I bet it would make me feel more accomplished1