Pop Culture 101

While I haven't technically finished this book yet (I've got a couple pages to go), I thought it was worthy of a book review. I also wanted to prove to you, loyal blog readers, that I am currently keeping on schedule with my book-a-week goal. I'll do anything for praise.
Anyhoo, Sex Drugs and Cocoa Puffs is basically a bunch of random essays about different aspects of pop culture like porn, serial killers, music and film. From what I understand, Chuck Klosterman used to be a writer for magazines so this book reads a lot like something you'd get from Entertainment Weekly or Rolling Stone only with more expletives.
It has been entertaining for the most part and I've definitely had my share of laughs but a lot of times I feel it's a bit... pretentious? Is that the word? Like... this guy has a lot to say about a lot of things and drops a lot of names and big words in the process a la Kevin Smith's Clerks. But? He's from North Dakota so he has that average Joe feel to him. I dunno. The book was on the Buy Two Get One Free table at Borders. I bought it. I read it. I enjoyed it. Ultimately, though, it should be designated as a bathroom reader for those sporadic trips that require you spend some quality time on the porcelain throne. You know... make it last.


Lisa..... said...

I just started WHite Oleander. Trying to keep reading through Christmas break...

Merry Christmas!!!

Jason said...

Yeah this book had it's high and low points. Sometimes he seems to be really proud of himself and that gets boring. But then there's an entire section devoted to Saved by the Bell - that's part's hilarious.