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For what seems like the last several months I have been seeing the trailer for Yes Man and each time I would say "I'd like to see that." Well the time finally came and we made it to a matinee which we entered free courtesy of a Christmas gift card. Buzz and I each got $100 worth of movie entries so be ready for a steady stream of reviews.
It always bums me out when comedians feel the urge to go straight and serious to prove they can act. Tom Hanks going from Bosom Buddies to Philadelphia (and like every movie after that forever). Jim Carrey going from Ace Ventura Pet Detective to Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Will Ferrell going from Anchorman to Stranger Than Fiction. Okay, so those were all solid examples of great, serious movies... my bad. What I was trying to get across, though, is that I love these guys because they bring the funny.
Do you guys like Flight of the Conchords? Murray is Jim Carrey's hilarious bank boss that loves a theme party more than anyone else ever could. Zooey Deschanel - an Elf alumnus so naturally I love her - is the prerequisite love interest in a romantic subplot. She's a super cute Katy Perry lookalike that lives her life somewhat spontaneously and randomly and she gets to show off her pipes yet again in an interpretive band named Munchausen By Proxy. Did you know she has an album in real life? But I digress...
I laughed a lot at Yes Man. Most of the chuckles arose from absurd silliness that requires suspension of disbelief but it was funny nonetheless. It's nice to know there is still a place in cinema for cheesy comedy. The 80s would be proud.

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