He Ain't Heavy

He's my brother...
Big Sister, Little Brother

So this picture was the only one I could find where Curtis has facial hair and his glasses on. The reason I bring it up is because I never really thought we shared similar features. He's more long and thin and Ichabod Crane-y and I'm more... well... "sturdy" yet soft.

For a school project I had to dress up like a dude so I threw on some jeans, a collared shirt and cowboy boots. Grabbed Buzz's old denim ball cap with the hunting dog motif. Figured I was good to go. My hair's short so I'm halfway to masculine already. Had a classmate put a mustache and beard on me with some brown eyeshadow and a blusher brush and voila!

I'm my brother.

MORAL OF THAT STORY: I'm either a pretty man or a handsome woman.


april said...

It's unbelievable how much your brother looks like my son's biological father. He passed away years ago, but when I first looked at the picture, my heart literally stopped. Crazy.

exile said...

hmmmm... i don't know about masculine. i mean, your guy disguise looks like a dude, but a very very gay dude.