Xoloitzcuintli (show-low-eats-quint-lee) Haiku Friday

Mexican Hairless
That's an ugly dog, you guys
Looks like a hell hound
Skin like warm leather
Mr. Bigglesworth - dog style
Sort of repulsive
Thank you to Craigslist
We got ourselves a Dogloo
And a freak show, too.
The "New" Igloo

P.S. Happy birthday, Moo Lady. 61. Damn, you're old but still sexy as ever.
My Nephew's Year 2 Portrait


Buzz said...

Happy Birthday 'Drear!

I neeed one more can of paint for that 'gloo. That rightside corner by the opening is going to drive me bonkers.

Coodence said...

Happy birthday to your Moo! I always thought our mas were the same age, but they ain't. How bout that?

Your dog picture is gross but also I kind of like it. Cuz he's a puppy and probably has a wet nose.

ceedee said...

is that a chupacapra? the dog, not your mom :)
my word is "perme" as in, my mom has a tight perme" LOL