Reef Endorsement

If you're like most of the Southern Californian men I know, you drink and you like to wear flip flops. Last weekend I purchased two quality products that would suit you perfectly if you find yourself fitting in both categories:

Reef Dram

Your eyes do not deceive you. There is a compartment built into the sole of this flip flop where you can store liquor. A flask of a shoe, if you will. It comes with funnel and a key as well. Perfect for a long flight if you're too cheap to foot the bill for a cocktail. See what I did there? Foot the bill? Never mind.

Reef Fanning

This bad boy has a built in bottle opener on its sole. As Buzz and I messily discovered, however, it is advised you remove the shoe when you put it to work. If you decide to do a crane stance or open the bottle while seated, the perpendicular angle of the bottle will cause it to explode and foam all over your living room carpet. Or so I hear...

So there you have it! Two gift ideas for the upcoming holiday season. No need to thank me, this is what I was born to do.


JJ said...

"Perfect for a long flight if you're too cheap to foot the bill for a cocktail."

lol... If your goal is to get arrested by the TSA! Is that whiskey or gasoline?

Buzz said...

Now all I need is the famed Bottle Opener Belt Buckle and I'll be truly, truly dangerous.

The fountains of brew would rival the Bellagio show as I work the crowd, tell you what.

Sassy said...

As long as that flip flop isn't too porous..cuz then your foot sweat would get into your booze and that's not cool.

hotdrwife said...

Oh, now those are AWESOME!!

Coodence said...


Foot the bill.

exile said...

yeah, if i saw you sucking on your shoe and getting drunk off it i'd probably just drop a dollar in your empty cup and wish you the best.