Progress or Regress?

Lately I have been seeing machines like these popping up all over the place. The first time was at my local Ralph's grocery store. That experience was less than satisfactory. I noticed that there was not a single checker in the lanes but there was one woman manning four of these self-service check out stations. Needless to say, the people checking themselves out were no less than frustrated to realize they had to help themselves on a machine that was completely foreign to them. Sure, the touch screen gave directions but who wants to deal with that first thing in the morning? I hadn't even had a cup of coffee yet, my brain sure as hell wasn't functioning at full speed. When I commented on how ridiculous it was to not have checkers, I was told the manager wanted to try it this way and I pretty much swore I wouldn't go back. And you guys know my word is bond. Yeah right.
This weekend, we went to The Home Depot to buy spray paint for the used Dogloo XT we purchased via craigslist for more than half off! On a Saturday, long lines are pretty much commonplace so we went to the self checkout willingly. But? What sense does that make when you need to show the checker your ID before you can leave the store with spray cans? No sense at all. I still needed human assistance.
And Monday? I went back to the Ralph's I'd swore I wouldn't return to because I wanted to bring some snacks into the office. I checked myself out without throwing a fit and lo and behold, I get an error message on the damn checkout machine that I needed to retrieve my change from the checker. Oh so futuristic yet I still need the assistance of an actual, living, breathing cashier. What the fuck is the point?

MORAL OF THAT STORY: If I wanted to ring my own groceries, I'd work at a grocery store.


Shora said...

Hear hear!!! I also don't want to bag my own. This is not progress!

april said...

"If I wanted to ring my own groceries, I'd work at a grocery store."

EXACTLY my words the first time I saw one.

Buzz said...

"We need two more dollars!!!!"

Sassy said...

I hate when they yell at you "PUT THE ITEM IN THE BAG!!" and it's there and then it goes all freaky and i"m all embarrassed. Sometimes it's faster, but really...I'd rather keep some school kid employed so I can read magazines in line ;)

ceedee said...

I had no idea they measured the weight of the stuff you buy. So A & I went to that line with a million groceries and it was total chaos. I hate those machines. But I gotta tell ya, it beats waiting in line behind people with Access or WIC. Because those things take FOR EVER!

Lisa..... said...

Ahh Ceedee, don't pick on WIC people. I lived off of that shit when I was broke. And it sure is embarassing to see a line of people glaring at you just because you're broke.

I went to that new Fresh & Easy store. There were NO checkers. Just those machines. It was weird.

Coodence said...

Yeah, they're thinking of taking the conductors out of the trains here, too, so the subway would be run by....um.... no one?

When will they learn?

(But re: the checkout do it yourself, me gusta! Me gusta!)