An Open Letter

Dear hoodlums in my 'hood,
I could see if you were actually creating some sort of work of art with your graffiti but as far as I can tell? That shit just looks like chicken scratch. And do you really think you are a bad ass if you're tagging the sidewalk so far from the street on a sidewalk inches from the beach? There's clearly no way the police or anyone will see you or catch you so I'm not sure there's even a thrill to it. All I know is that my walk is ruined because you're scrawling all over the place - benches, fences, you name it, your stupid, misspelled gang name is on it.
And speaking of benches? Whomever is stealing the bronze memorial plates on the benches lining the oceanfront should be ashamed of themselves. Why not just start grave robbing? Families spend their good money to commemorate a loved one and then you steal their gorgeous plaque, sell it for scrap metal and then I'm assuming smoke the money you made from it. Fucktards. And the people buying those to melt them down? You're just fucking jerks. Period. Have you no shame?
Anyway I guess all I want to say to you is: keep our beaches clean and fuck your mother.


JJ said...

Once a vandal spraypainted the word "cupcake" on my neighbor's house. Weird.

exile said...

i live in Lake Elsinore, they tagged the toilet seats in the bowling alley...

I used to live in Santa Ana, they tagged the fire hydrant

hotdrwife said...

I hate that shit! We live smack dab in the middle of a relatively interesting neighborhood, so they love to hijack the walls and busstops with that illiterate nonesense.

But, I believe, your new neighborhood slogan should be, "Keep Our Beaches Clean, and Fuck Your Mother". Has such a great ring to it, methinks!!

Sassy said...

"and fuck your mother"

You fucking kill me.