Obama Is President!

We did it! What a monumental occasion. History in the making. Whatever the cliches are they just seem to be so real today. I cannot express in mere words the pride I feel to be an American voter today. Katie Couric was getting on my last nerve last night with her consistent playing of the race card and her vapid smile so I switched over to CNN and got my news from the divine Anderson Cooper. I applaud John McCain for his speech requesting unity at this time. I was so disappointed in the crowd booing Obama's win. Obama. Just typing that name puts a smile on my face. His speech gave me chills. Hearing the crowd repeat after Obama "Yes We Can" was practically a religious awakening for me. Last night I felt proud of the voters that came out and stood in long lines. I felt so pleased that the apathy of today's youth seemed to have been lifted for at least this very important election. I feel hope today. Hope for a better country. To think that we have an African American president is such a sign of the times. But aside from his race, Obama is simply a spectacular man and I put my faith in him completely and look forward to supporting his presidency for at least the next four years.

MORAL OF THAT STORY: Yes We Can. Voting does work.


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Buzz said...

Great Post MB!

Andrea said...

I drove myself insane all day yesterday. I had my TV on CNN all day and listened to all the inane interviews of people at the polls, Joe the Plummer, the Naked Cowboy, etc.

Then the results started pouring in. And I was in front of the TV. And I was on cnn.com refreshing the state page for VA and WV and cheering and hoping and IMing and emailing and commenting on Facebook and texting and just watching and hoping and it was fanfuckingtastic to see it all go the way it did.

To have my faith restored in basic human decency that way. That people really do have hope and that they want and know that we all deserve better. Better leadership. Better schools. Better health care. Better everything. It just...I can't stop smiling.

I'm giddy.

ceedee said...

Amen, sister! Well said!

Shora said...

Great post babe. What a hugely emotional night, I sobbed with happiness. Thought you might enjoy this, you with the eye for great pics that you have. xo