Incredibly Bad Thanksgiving Poetry

Rain, rain - go away
For tomorrow's Turkey Day

Buzz and I will be on the road
Heading toward the mother load

Thanksgiving with Beanie and Miggie
Celebratin' Friday - gettin' jiggy

Santa Rosa here we come
For some food and some fun

Hope your tryptophan works fast
Spend the day on your ass

Watching football with the boys
Come on Cowboys - make some noise!

MORAL OF THAT STORY: I lack inspiration and thus am little more than BFF's follower.


Coodence said...

Well played. Well played indeed!

Buzz said...

Good one MB

exile said...

a poem by Randi? what a delight,
on turkey eve, this rainy night.

i'm so excited, i can't wait to eat,
consume it all, white and dark meat.

(and don't be hard on the poem, it was quite good,
we know you be keep'n your roots in the hood)