For the first time in my life I voted by way of absentee ballot. Finished it up yesterday and dropped it off at the post office after work. I didn't get a sticker saying I voted. I didn't get to pull a lever. All I got was the sense of satisfaction that I just got to voice my opinion. After all, isn't that what voting is? Giving your opinion? It is beyond me how someone could not vote. How hard is it to take a few minutes to fill out a piece of paper and mail it in? Your work HAS TO GIVE YOU TIME OFF TO VOTE. It's the law. So no excuses.
My brother is a convicted felon. Even though he served his time, he is unable to vote without going through a lengthy process. Even though his right to vote has yet to be reestablished, he is still very vocal about and interested in this election. His wife was a bit apathetic before about voting but seems to have pulled a 180 and is also very involved in political discussions with us.
This is a monumental year. Glass ceilings are being broken left and right. Make yourself heard. Now is not the time to "forget" or to stand by without making your mark. What if the vote you didn't submit was the one vote that could have made the difference?
Remember, California voters - NO ON PROP 8!!!


april said...


I am all for giving convicted felons, who have served their time, their right to vote back. I think it's bullshit that they live as functioning, tax-paying, members of society, yet they can't choose who runs the country? A big crock, I tell ya!!

Andrea said...

I looked into the early voting and it seems I can only vote early for president, not any of the other offices on the ballot. And I want to vote for them all, so...I'll have my happy ass in line on Tuesday.

Sidenote: I have a Barack the Vote shirt, and the rack part is, unfortunately, right across the rack portion of my person. I found that amusing. Because I'm simple...

Lisa..... said...

I said the same thing about prop 8, only I was much more subtle about it.
I can't wait for Tuesday.

ceedee said...

well said. Randi, well said.