Tiempo Compartido

You always hear about people getting sucked into the bait and trap sale that is the timeshare. My parents have always had one... for as long as I can remember anywy. It's how we went on vacation. Kauai? You betcha! We got to attend a touristy luau one evening and made leis by the pool one afternoon. Lake Tahoe? Big Bear? Always a time share.
Recently, my brother and his wife (weird) took a "free" trip down to the Welk Resort in Escondido and ended up walking right into their trap. Voila. Another family member seduced into timeshare ownership. It's only a matter of time before Buzz and I get sucked in as well I'm sure.
Mimicking Lawrence Welk
But really? Who the hell is Lawrence Welk? And why does he have a timeshare village bearing his name? And why am I making that face whilst posing with his likeness?
Lawrence Welk Resort
In short? He's an entertainer. And entertain he does! Look at that gorgeous on-site golf course. While you explore the grounds, music notes embedded into the sidewalks pepper your path. If you're feeling adventurous, there's always the Welk Trail - a tree shrouded path that wraps behind the facility's maintenance yard, leads you uphill through several glamorous parking lots and concludes in the lobby at the complimentary coffee machine: a three-in-one wonder that delightfully serves not only a basic drip, but hot chocolate and vanilla cappuccinos, right at your fingertips.
My Family with Lawrence Welk
Ultimately, at the timeshare, my family and I shared our time together in a very special way. See what I did there? Nice. We watched the Dodgers sweep the Cubs in a post-season victory worthy of cheers loud enough to startle the Pizza Hut delivery guy, enjoyed a mediocre Sunday brunch at the understaffed resort restaurant, and received copious amounts of bacon and endless coffee refills from a classy and informative waitress named Carole who may or may not have been a former dancer on The Lawrence Welk Show. We like to believe she made such an impact on Welk himself that he promised to indirectly take care of her long into her golden years, when those dancing shoes started to gather dust and those stage lights faded into little more than a memory.
Did I forget to mention the bonus of the resort being conveniently nestled among wineries, The San Diego Wild Animal Park and Indian casinos galore?
I dare you to tell me what tops that when it comes to vacation destinations.


Andrea said...

I dare you to tell me what tops that when it comes to vacation destinations.

I'm going to Ireland. WooHoo!!


Buzz said...

Epic post M'lady!

Ol' Carole would be proud.


Coodence said...

I like what you've done here.


1) Did you really not know who Lawrence Welk was?

I dare you to tell me what tops that when it comes to vacation destinations.
I love San Diego, too, dude, but I think this is kind of a stretch.

Sassy said...

My inlaws have one...but it's a killer kind from ions ago. All of us can use it no problem and it's good allllll over the world (I think most are though). We don't have specific weeks, but can go whenever we want, and it's willed to one of us when they cack.

We like to sell it out to people and make a little cash...hehe