That's the sound of the Dodgers post season games coming to an end. I'm a fan. Always have been, always will be. The blue is in my blood whether I like it or not. Right now, however, I'm sad. Sad and utterly disappointed. I look around my office cubicle and am bombarded with Dodgers paraphernalia. On the car - my license plate ring and an antenna topper. At home I've stored away the Dodgers baseball caps I wear daily, many articles of clothing and a pair of team flip flops.
It's over.
I have to say Manny Ramirez has been a blessing for our team and for the fans. He's incredible and makes it look so easy. The fans in the crowd rocking their faux dreadlocks welcomed him with open arms. Joe Torre is a helluva coach and I'm glad he chose the left coast. This year's team was strong.
Until last night.
Stupid errors. Little league style mess ups. Terrible pitching. God awful at bats. It was painful to watch.
I'm no sportscaster. I can't give you stats and names at the drop of a hat. But I love me some Dodgers baseball and am sad to see the season end this way. I have no desire to watch the World Series now. Not when we were so close to being in it.


Sassy said...

I thought of you when I heard this on the radio :(

april said...

That's exactly how I felt last football season when Green Bay lost in the playoffs to the Giants. One damn game away from the Superbowl. It's a shame, really.