Ode To Sarah Palin Haiku Friday

Giving a shout out?
And what's with the backwoods twang?
Winking? Really? Bitch.
Oh, Sarah Palin
You are everything I loathe
Last night proved that much
You didn't stumble
You failed to impress me though
You're no Tina Fey


Andrea said...

My Alaska friend
Thinks she won the debate, huh?
My response was wow.

I never want to
"Bless their hearts" ever again
Not in a debate

Not Fainthearted said...

The winking made me retch.

Lisa..... said...

I only caught pieces of it at work, but ever since the RNC I've saying: Seriously? Her?

ceedee said...

my personal favorite was the shout out to the third grade. You're not in the high school auditorium, lady. You're on a national stage. Act like a professional for once.

exile said...

she's a smiling bitch
a smile full of daggers
(her cunt stinks a bit)