In Vino Veritas

It's only right if you're going to do a beer tasting day, you should do a wine tasting day. At least that's the way I feel about it. So after Sunday brunch we went ahead and got our wine on in Temecula.
First stop: Wiens Family Cellars
Wine Tasting
My mother is deeply in love with their champagne l'orange. I found it to be a bit too fizzy but she bought a case of it so I see many a toast in our future. This was definitely one of the nicer wineries I've been to. In the private tasting room pictured above you get your pours by way of poker chips instead of paper tickets. And? They serve candies, cheese and crackers to stimulate the palate. Their crackers were of a cheesy garlic variety and they were fantastic. The wine was also muy delicioso but I wasn't in love with any of them really.
Next Stop: Wilson Creek Winery
It's got to be good if there is a giant replica of a champagne bottle out front right? But really? It was. Very good. They had an amazing selection of white wines which just happen to be my favorite. What was super special, though, was their almond champagne. Buzz and I bought a bottle to toast each other with on our wedding day. That is kind of neat in and of itself because it's our first purchase toward our special day and it was purchased on his birthday. Ok, everyone, collective sigh. There ya go.
And just a helpful hint? I would try the almond champagne with a dash of the chocolate port. Oh. My. Goodness. Orgasm in a glass.
And by the time you're done? You'll look something like this:
Goofy Poo
(please note the reflection of my rack in my dad's glasses. niiice)

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