Groucho Marx's Birthday

You guys want to know something hilarious? Remember how I just dropped almost a thousand bucks on VHICULR the other day for routine maintenance? Ha! She broke down yesterday on my way to class! The battery apparently had a leak no one felt like telling me about and that had a domino effect on my alternator! Isn't that funny!?!
I gotta tell you... this is just perfect timing. I mean... it's not like I just said the other day I wanted to start saving money or anything.

***For those of you wondering what the H.E. Double Hockey Sticks Groucho Marx has to do with any of this? Well, the answer is nothing. Nothing at all. My desk calendar merely pointed out he was born in 1890 on this day.


Buzz said...

-ity fuck fuck

Coodence said...

Happy Birthday Groucho Marx.

Sucks about Vehicular. I'm glad you are okay, though!

Sassy said...

Do they give you lube before they ass fuck you at the mechanics? Jebus.

exile said...

poor thing, i was there dar'lyn.
and with this smog check comming up, i'll be there again

*big hugs*