Arrogant Bastard

Clearly this week will be little more than a wrap-up of my weekend in Escondido. One of our stops was Stone Brewery nestled nicely in a nondescript industrial park. When I looked up a map to their place it was pretty blatantly stated I couldn't find their address on Google, Yahoo or Mapquest. As a matter of fact, there wasn't so much as an address on their facility, you just sort of knew it was the place because it was big, beautiful and stone.
Entrance Stone Brewery
This is the view from the delicious restaurant. The food was really tasty and the onion rings were as big as donuts. Everything was very earthy looking, Buzz used the word monolithic and I think that sums it up nicely.
Window View
This was our tour guide, Phillip. Doesn't he look like a mix of Jesus Christ and Charlie Manson? He was ├╝ber intelligent, informed and witty. He called me and Buzz his fan club and taught us many things about the nectar of the gods that is beer.
Our guide - Jesus of Beer
We got to taste the malted barley (tastes like Grape Nuts) and smell the beer before it was distilled (smells like cereal). Then we got to mosey back into the brewery for a tasting of four delicious beers: Stone Pale Ale, Stone IPA, Arrogant Bastard Ale and its cousin the oaked version. And the best part about it? It was all free! Please note the gentleman at the tap and his resemblance to Randy on My Name Is Earl.
MORAL OF THAT STORY: "Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy." - Ben Franklin


Lisa..... said...

1. My husband has a t-shirt that says that Ben Franklin quote on it.
2. The food there kicks ass and is never made with anything other than fresh and organic food.
3. They show movies in the summer.

I should post my photos from that place too.

Coodence said...

MMMMM. I love Stone IPA.

Yeah, that guys looks like Jesus. Or the kid on Knocked Up when the beard gets really long.

Andrea said...

I was thinking that Jesus Manson looked like Morgan, from Chuck, but with longer hair. Yep, I was.

Buzz said...

"4:00 is a great time to take this tour, because we're all probably on different levels spiritually... Some of you are drunk, some of you arent, but I'll try to make this make sense to everyone..."

So sayeth the shepard.

exile said...

Ben Franklin was the peak of human evolution.

he was a smart, squat, bald dude who was the peak of sexy

and you know why he's the only one on the american currency who's smiling? because he was smart enough to not be president