What Happens In Vegas...

Clearly didn't stay in Vegas. So since I have nothing of interest to ramble about on this blog o'mine today, I thought I would leave the story telling up to you. Spill the beans on a Vegas related story so I can use it to plan my own trip there next April. Doesn't have to be terrible, it can be fun or silly or just your favorite restaurant.

Here's a wee story of mine from a Vegas trip of yore. I went to the strip club in Old Town called Glitter Gulch. You may know of it because it's under a landmark of a sign:

Anywhoo, this was my very first encounter with a stripper of any gender. I had gone to Vegas with three guys for a punk show that we ended up missing. We had no room, it was going to be a turnaround trip. We gambled, we ate, we drank and we ended up at a topless bar (no cookies for me, thanks!). My buddy Albert bought my drunken ass a lap dance and some other woman that was sitting next to me who I didn't even know and wasn't even with us decided she was going to come along with me and crash my good times. All I remember was the smell of baby powder, a bendy stripper and the sound of her giggles. When I walked away my belt, pants button and zipper were completely undone and I had a smile on my face.
The End.


Andrea said...

I don't have any stories. I'm a Vegas virgin. But I will go to the rumjungle. It has to be. You know this.

OH! Here's a funny Vegas story: "My ex-husband is getting married there in February. He asked me if I'd come. I said no. The end."

I hope they don't mess up the place before we get there. :D

Lisa..... said...

Fun! I haven't been to Vegas in a while but it's always a good time. And I don't gamble.

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