Music Recommendations

Solange Sol-Angel and the Hadley St. Dreams

I think I might need to credit Perez Hilton for this particular purchase. If it wasn't for all his publicity and streaming her video for "I Decided" on his site, this probably would have flown right under my radar. I don't know if many of you know this about me but I love some oldies R&B. Aretha Franklin. Etta James. Otis Redding. You get the drift. Solange (Beyonce's younger sister for those of you out of the know) brings back some doo-wop on this CD. I really dig it. Need proof? I can't stop singing "If it wasn't for T.O.N.Y." in my office this morning.

Katy Perry One of the Boys

Man. How I wanted to ignore the hype on this one. I don't think I had even heard "I Kissed A Girl" until it had already been number one on the charts for at least six weeks. Now all I sing about is the taste of her cherry ChapStick. When I read an article saying she was like Pat Benatar I couldn't resist picking up the CD. I wouldn't say she's a Benatar, more like a Pink/Alanis Morissette mix. Only I don't hate her like I hate Alanis and I sort of love her like I love Pink. Feel me? The songs on this CD are super catchy and fun but I can do without a sappy love song. Always.

The Libertines Up the Bracket

Ok, so this one is several years old but it's new to me! I was at a yard sale and I picked up this CD, a Britney Spears dance mix single for "Stronger" and Blood, Sweat and Tears Greatest Hits for a dollar. Can't beat that kind of bargain. I don't think I realized at the time that this is supermodel Kate Moss's ex-boyfriend the crackhead Pete Doherty's former band prior to Babyshambles (Who reads tabloids? I do!). When Buzz informed me of that factoid, I was prepared to hate it. But guess what? I totally didn't. There's something about a sung brogue that gets me every time. If I had to compare it to something I have heard before I'd go ahead and say The Raconteurs. The whole album was totally listenable and enjoyable.


Coodence said...

Awesome! Thanks, dude!

Lisa..... said...

I can't help liking Katy Perry too. And Etta James, I saw her in concert at the Hollywood Bowl for my anniversary a couple years ago. Fantastic.