Is My Luck Running Out?

So as I have mentioned I am currently enrolled in and taking two Spanish classes toward my major. One class is advanced Spanish which is more or less conversational and the other is Spanish culture and history taught in espaƱol. It's all very exciting. I go Monday through Thursday on my lunch hour and learn. How's that for maximizing my free time?
Anywho, this past Monday there was a composition due in my language class. I thought we were only discussing it that day but in reality, we were supposed to turn it in. I lucked out and la profesora told us that we had to bring it today. I will now arrive to class prepared.
Yesterday we were supposed to have a quiz (like we do almost every class) and I had not done my reading because I was too busy preparing for the presentation we had to give in my culture class. The presentation, about gay marriage in Spain, was a hit! It ended up taking up most of class so our quiz was postponed for tomorrow! We took an anonymous vote on who in our class approved or disapproved of gay marriage in general. I was shocked that out of nineteen votes, there were five people against, thirteen for and one who abstained. Southern California? I figured there would be far less than 25% opposed to a basic human right...
Either way, I got out of a quiz.

MORAL OF THE STORY: Sometimes good things do happen to good people.

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exile said...

i'm all for gay mexican marrage

i mean, anything to stop them from having kids has gotta be progress, right?