The Great Dress Debacle of Oh Eight

This weekend there was a little bit of a SNAFU. You see, I am a bridesmaid in my brother's wedding. Said wedding occurs this Saturday, September 20. Last Saturday, the girls were all supposed to be fitted for their dresses. When I arrived for our 12 o'clock fitting appointment, that had been confirmed mind you, I was asked if I had the bra and shoes I would be wearing with the dress. Like the good girl scout I am, I was totally prepared. The dress shop, however, was not. Apparently the dresses were "in" the warehouse, just not "in" the store.
Hmm... Why would you confirm an appointment for dresses you don't have? Why would you ask me if I was prepared if you are not? And how on earth do I not have my dress a week before the wedding? I believe the last two times I was a bridesmaid I had my dresses no less than several months beforehand. So I simply gathered my things, told the women good luck telling the bride her party had no dresses and I promptly left.
The dresses ended up arriving yesterday, five whole days before the wedding. I guess those are some nimble fingers those seamstresses have because they swear the dresses will be ready by Wednesday. Interesting. Anywho, the reason I bring this up is because I was thrilled with the dress and the results of my fitting. It would seem I have lost 3" around my waist and 4" around my hips. The weigh in at my doctor's office visit yesterday afternoon confirmed that I have indeed lost the ten pounds I had set out to lose.
Hooray for me. I guess a diet of nachos and beer truly does work wonders.


Lisa..... said...

WOW! Congrats on the weight loss.

Buzz said...

Atta Girl!!

fyrchk said...

Now, write a book and sell that diet for millions!

Sassy One said...

That's the kind of diet I need!!!

We had a similar snafu with my friend's wedding. The dresses still weren't in on the Thursday before the wedding and we were leaving on the friday 2 hours away. You better believe that I raised HELL and told the lady SHE can call the bride and tell her what's going on. In the end, she and her seamstress came up to the wedding location to fix the dresses and we refused to pay for the alterations. It's a wonder places like this are still in business.

Congrats on the weight loss eh! I want to see pics of you in your dress!

Not Fainthearted said...

congratulations!!! nachos and beer, huh? And here I am cutting OUT the nachos. and beer.