Fare Thee Well, September...

Where the hell is this year going in such a hurry? The months are flying by! A minute ago I was saying goodbye to 30 and getting engaged. Next thing I know my brother's married and his son is on the verge of turning 2! I'm already knee deep into my semester and next thing I know it will be Halloween! Then Thanksgiving! Then Christmas! Then 2009!
Whew. I'm getting ahead of myself. But I am thinking a lot about the future. In just over six months, I'll be getting hitched. I have finances to get in order. A dress to buy. A party to plan. A trip to schedule... I just can't believe how quickly it's all coming. That's what she said.
All I know is that in order to accomplish all of this I will definitely need some money. Sadly, money is not something I have right now. So in order to save a bit and pay off those nasty credit card debts so I can start my marriage with a clean slate, I'm putting Buzz and myself on house arrest for the next six months. We're going to try our hardest to eat in instead of out, entertain ourselves on the cheap and generally lay low in order to get a head start on saving some funds. Anyway, wish us luck. Sorry there won't be any visits. Nor gifts. Nor miscellaneous spending. But you know how it is.
Has anyone else tried doing this? Any tips for us?


Coodence said...

Yeah, welcome to my life, dude!!

I'll tell you all my idears over the phone at some point. But yeah, stop buying shit is really the main one.


Andrea said...

I'm currently doing this as well to save money for my trips and to start paying off my credit card.

The main thing I'm doing is staying at home on weekends. I try to do all of my errands in one day in as efficient a path as I can muster. I'm not eating out for lunch anymore and I'm trying to limit myself to one Starbucks morning, and since (thanks to you) I won a gift card even that is free! On days that I get to work at home, I stay home. I do not leave at all. And I am seeing a bit of help. A bit. But I have lost a bit of weight already on this plan. So, basically, for me, not eating out when I have food at home and not driving around burning gas is helping me to have more money. Even though right now I'm broke as shit. *sobs*

Jessica said...

Getting married has forced me into a life of no spending. Not eating out and not buying useless crap are helping quite a bit.

Sassy One said...

That's where I've been at for the last year or so. It's really amazing how much you'll save if you watch what you spend and cut out the shit you really don't need to. We saved a lot by eating in, not buying coffee/tea on the go (Damn Timmies!) and finding cheaper ways to entertain ourselves.

We really enjoy cooking up something special together. You can spend a lot less on a lot more groceries then if you go out...we'll have a big fancy meal and it barely costs anything. We just have to clean up *sigh*

We also did more outdoorsy things like hiking and biking and festivals and such where we didn't have to pay. It was a day out and cost little to nothing. Worth it.

Happy saving :)

ceedee said...

I try not to ever use my credit card, always just my debit. That way you have to pay more attention to what you're buying and you can't just impulse buy it. Also, I try to limit myself to a certain amount of cash a week. Like, only visit the ATM once for $60. Also, bring my lunch every day, netflix instead of movies and I walk everywhere. I've heard somewheres that writing down how much you spend can help also. Like a diet. Blech. Buena suerte!