The Crimson Pyramid

Man. For the last few weeks the ups and downs have been plentiful and abundant. For the last year my family has been discussing my brother's wedding ad nauseum. Well the big day will finally come to fruition in a mere ten days. Two weekends ago was the bachelorette excursion to Vegas, last weekend was the shower, this weekend is the dress fitting, next weekend is the rehearsal dinner and the wedding. Talk about overload.
Add to that the fact that I'm premenstrual as all get out and it's a bad deal all around. Add to that the fact that my doctor decided to cut my Prozac dosage in half and we have reached meltdown status. School just started, work is busy as ever and the bridesmaid duties don't stop. I'm in a long distance relationship, have a home to keep and animals to care for. I? Am a mess.
Here's something BFF has taught me by way of internet research that I never knew and let me know I'm not alone. Prozac is a tough drug to wean off of. It shouldn't be cut in half, but rather minimized by 5mg at a time. So I am back up to my regular dose and we'll try this shit again sometime when my life isn't insanely busy. When trips to meet the future in-laws and holidays aren't looming on the horizon. Then I have my own wedding to plan.



Coodence said...

Ha! Nice graphics, yo!

Sassy One said...

Wanna share?

Lisa..... said...

Way to stay informed. These doses should not be changed without careful thought. Good luck.