212 Degree Designs

This post serves as both a thank you and a plug. One of Buzz's buddies, Heather, wanted to send us a congratulations on our engagement gift. She has her own business making vinyl appliques that most peeps rock on their car windows. Buzz told her that I love butterflies and we had boring white cabinets so she threw together this little number and now our bar/serving window has some pizazz.
Applique in a Clean Kitchen
Isn't that something? Anyhoo, I love it and wanted to share. If you have a window or a flat surface you need decorating, hit her up! As for application? Super quick and easy. Like your mom.


Lisa..... said...

Dragonflies, I need dragonflies!!!

Sassy One said...

Wow..so cool!

212degreedesigns said...

How is a girl not humbled by that?!

Both of you are more deserving than I can express with vinyl.

Thank you.

Oh and email me for dragonflies! : }

Andrea said...

I didn't need to see the awesome. I'm trying not to spend money! Sheesh...