San Diego... At Random

Finally got to get away for the weekend to see my honey and BFF. I can't tell you how nice it was to dodge chores and grown up responsibilities for two whole days. The weather was gorgeous. The company was amazing. The food delicious... well for the most part. What a wonderful weekend.

Me & Brad
So Cheesy...
Mmm... Kobe Beef.
Lakanilau Roll from Roy's - Get one. I mean it. Seared Kobe Beef
wrapped around Snow Crab, Tempura Asparagus and Avocado
Pomegranate Patron Silver Mojito
Pomegranate PatrĂ³n Mojito - That's all tequila.
BFF & Me
BFF and myself looking a little "happy"
Took the Rickshaw
The Serbian Pedi-cab operator.
That ride was all uphill. eeee...er...eeee...er
Del Mar Beach
Del Mar Beach. Can you say gorgeous?
Yucky Pinkberry
Pinkberry. Officially sucks. Ew.
This shit tastes like spoiled milk. Sour.
Horton Plaza
Horton Plaza. Crazy Mall.


Buzz said...

"happy" indeed. Good times.


Lisa..... said...

FUN!!! I want some of that drink!

I haven't tried pinkberry but I keep hearing the same thing....