Movie Review: Snippet Style

Though I think he is hilarious, I have a tendency to "not love" Ben Stiller movies for the most part (save for Dodgeball). I owe him a "well played" for Tropic Thunder.
  • You will pretty much forget Robert Downey, Jr. is in reality a white man.
  • Tom Cruise dancing to hip hop? Yes.
  • Jack Black played it a bit safe but it's still a joy to see his half naked ass running.
  • Ben Stiller is RIPPED in this role.
  • Cameos galore!
  • Dirty jokes and sharp dialogue? Check.
  • Undeclared alumni? You betcha! Way to go, Jay!
  • I see a big future for Danny McBride and Bill Hader if they continue choosing supporting rolls wisely like in Pineapple Express and Forgetting Sarah Marshall respectively.
Buzz was un poco irritated when we had to pay full price for a 2:05 showing even though it was a mere five minutes past the matinee price cut off but after a truckload of chuckles we decided we'd pass on the complaint. Our movie going experience was well worth the price of admission.


Coodence said...

I totally agree re: Ben Stiller. But after Dodgeball AND Zoolander I'm kinda sold dude.

Sassy One said...

2:05? That's ludicrous. It's still an afternoon show.

Fascist bastards.