Mid-August Haiku Friday

Thunder and lightning
We had quite a storm last night
At least for SoCal
Dodgers swept the Phils
Can't say I'm not super pleased
Go Blue! Kick some ass!
Haven't really watched
Much of the Olympic Games
Does that make me bad?


fyrchk said...

I can't haiku you back because I'm not feeling it today.

But, I haven't watched any of the Olympic Games, so if you're bad, then so am I. :)

Lisa..... said...

Dude where was I? Did I miss the weather while I was at work?

Sassy One said...

I've only watched a few of the Equestrian events....why bother? It's not like Canada is winning anything.

Sassy One said...

Wait....I hear we've got 3 now.
woo hoo

(hear my sarcasm?)