Just To Post Something

Yesterday marked one week until school starts for me again. This semester it's all in Spanish. Did I study or practice at all over this long summer break? That would be a negative. Did I do any reading for pleasure? That would be a hardly. Isn't it funny how I always aim high with these big plans and then do nothing I intended to do? I think so too.
So it's that time again. To make plans I may or may not follow through with. My goals are lofty, it's true. I have another blog tracking my diet progress but even that is sporadic at best. My love of junk food is a love that can't be tamed I guess. I have managed to lose 5 pounds in a month but most of that credit goes to Kiyah and her twice daily walks. I have until September 20th, one month from tomorrow, to drop another 5. Let's see if I can do it.
I also have every intention of being super disciplined once school starts. I figure it's about time I use the gym membership I pay for. It's about time to put down the bong. It's about time to act like a grown ass woman. I have a large apartment to keep clean, pets to care for and a wedding to plan. I have bills that need to be paid, money that needs to be saved and general business to take care of.
They say there's no better time than the present and it's true. I need focus. I need goals. I need time lines and schedules. It's safe to say my summer is coming to a screeching halt. Watch out fall, here I come.


Coodence said...

Sounds good to me, dude!!! You can do it! All of it!

Buzz said...

You're kicking ass. No question about it.

Sassy One said...

you can totally do it!!!