Hello, Cleveland!!!

I miss The Office. I really do. So when I saw there would be a summer movie starring Dwight Schrute, er, I mean Rainn Wilson I was all over it like white on rice. Add to that the fact that Will Arnett makes a cameo and I was convinced it would be a hit. How could it not be? So on Saturday we decided to go and see The Rocker.
I won't say this movie is bad, per se, but I also won't say it was great. It was entertaining enough. It killed a couple of hours without killing me so I can't complain. There are a few hilarious moments like the opening scene that gives a little back story of the 80s hair band Vesuvius but other than that the movie sort of just continues on harmlessly.
The music is pretty good, too. Teddy Geiger, a one-hit wonder pop star of recent times, is the emotional singer/songwriter for a high school garage band named A.D.D. Frankly, he is talented though borderline "emo" and good looking so listening to him sing was pleasant enough. There's a cute little romance between his character and the lone girl in the band played by Emma Stone. We last saw her in Superbad though I don't recall her lisp being quite as noticeable in that one. It was quite distracting for Buzz and because of that, it was all I could focus on.
So... yeah. Mediocre. I think ultimately this genre just wasn't directed at me. I'm neither a failed rock star pining for what could have been nor a teenager in a band with all my angst. But if you have nothing going on and you don't mind killing some time, The Rocker isn't that bad. How's that for noncommittal?


Buzz said...

How's that for noncommittal?


Andrea said...

NetFlix it is, then.

I liked the one little ditty by the Teddy dude, though. Shhh...it's on my 'pod. Must listen to it now.