Puff. Puff. Pass.

Gratuitous violence. Hilarity. Pot smoking. Action. Pineapple Express has it all but in a very unconventional way. James Franco should win an award for his portrayal of a stoner. Dead on. Seth Rogen is just your average working man who puffs and is playing it the straightest of all the cast. This is probably one of the better "buddy" movies I've seen in a while.
The storyline is a bit disjointed and there are quite a few loose ends and improbable situations but it doesn't matter one bit. This is a summer movie. Meant to entertain. To provide some laughs. A "feel good" movie, if you will. There is no rhyme or reason to it but it's worth watching. And I have a feeling it will be one of those movies that will be worth watching multiple times.
Pineapple Express had that Apatow feel to it that I thought Drillbit Taylor was lacking. All that was missing was a cameo by Paul Rudd. I think as long as I stick to seeing movies that consist of a majority of actors from Freaks & Geeks and Undeclared I won't go wrong in the movie going experience. Perhaps there's that feel of familiarity that makes me happy. Perhaps it's just because those folks? Are really, really funny.


Sassy One said...

Just seeing the previews for this movie gives me the munchies.

april said...

I think this movie looks hilarious and with your recommendation, I think I'm going to. It does suck that Paul Rudd doesn't make an appearance. I love him...so much that I'd let him eat cheerios out of my ass crack if he wanted to.

Buzz said...

Thug. Life.