I'm not going to lie. I love Batman. He is my most favorite super hero. I think it's because he's super rich and has some dope toys. I also think it's because he's just man. He has no special powers, just determination to clean up his 'hood. I would say "Sort of like Iron Man" but Iron Man has that thing in his heart that makes him... less than human? More than human? You know what I'm saying.
But back to The Dark Knight. I am really not sure why we didn't see this right away. Mostly, I'm not in love with a crowded theater. Turns out a matinee on Saturday weeks later can be just as annoying when stupid parents bring their fucking two year olds to a violent, dark, noisy and scary movie. Lord help me. Amen.
But it was worth the wait. Man. Christian Bale just nails it. And I'm not going to echo every other critic and blogger that says Heath Ledger should get a posthumous Oscar nod for this performance. I will say he did one helluva job and the nuances he gave his character, such as when he licks his lips repeatedly like an individual with scarred cheeks would do, are just part of the reason why he will be remembered as an incredible actor.
Maggie Gyllenhaal didn't impress me any more than Katie Holmes did in the first movie to be totally honest. Aaron Eckhart? I could do without your eyeball but thanks for the nightmares. Don't ask. You'll figure it out when you see the movie. Which you totally should. Because it's super good.

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april said...

We took Ethan to see Hancock this weekend and loved it!! Although, I was pretty disappointed with how much cursing was in the movie and it was PG13. Within the firs 5 minutes he says fuck and ass. Not that Ethan hasn't heard those before, I was just surprised.

Next we're taking him to see the Batman movie, but I wanna see the last one first so I can follow along better. I heard that you should see the first one before you see this one, is that true?