A Favor

I recently decided to participate in the 365 days of self portraits on Flickr. Since I have 345 days to go, I would like to ask "the people" of the internet to give me some ideas. This is also an attempt to get the lurkers to come out and introduce themselves and show me what they're working with. So comment for me today. Give this blogger something to smile about.

Day 20
BFF gave me a list of 25 ideas.
This shot killed 2 of them:
#3 - Making funny faces
#19 - Sticking your head in the freezer.


Lisa..... said...

I once took a picture of my friend with his head under a lawn mower. His arms and legs were flailing out. Because we're nerds like that.

Andrea said...

Take your camera with you EVERYWHERE. You'll then begin to notice crazy/funny/interesting things out and about in the world to do a photo with.

Also? You are planning a wedding, yes? Take your camera when you do your dress shopping. Take photos in the fitting room. Stuff like that.

Also, I know I mentioned the FGR challenges but there's also mini-challenges in the 365 discussions as well.

Also, you can do copy-cat shots. There's groups devoted to that, too.

Other than that? I got nothing specific.

Rainwolf said...

I got nothing, but I will de-lurk and say hello.

Buzz said...


Fake mustaches. That should knock out at least a dozen days.

Then, it's wig time.

Then, high school graduation style pictures. Such as:

1. Posing with the stuffed Eore.
2. Sitting in a chair with your karate gi pinned up behind you.
3. Peaking from around a tree wearing a popped collar of some sort.
4. Posing with my football helmet and baseball jacket and varsity coat and class ring, rawr.
5. Sitting on the floor with Kiyah.
6. Leaning on vehicular with an REO SPEEDWAGON t-shirt.

Then, hats!

After that? Who knows love, that might get you through October though.


Nancy said...

You are great at floral photos!!!!
I would take photos of your drinking fun drinks

april said...

I think you should make a white beard out of shaving cream and wear a Santa hat and then stand next to a Palm Tree. Yeah, that's some hot shit right there, yo!

Shora said...

How about a pic of you visiting Shora, Sassy and Hella? ;)

Absolutely LOVE this 365 idea and your pics are awesome, as always. xo