End Of The Week Snippets

  • Jon & Kate Plus 8? That is a "reality show" I can get behind. Those kids are cute, Kate kicks ass, Jon is just so kind and they seem to come across as such a genuine couple and family.
  • I bought three pairs of jeans last night. They were all size 12. I am totally ok with that.
  • The "diet blog" has been deleted.
  • One pair of said jeans cost as much as the other two combined.
  • This morning I took the dog for a walk and I realized I had brought my car key with me instead of my house key. Locked out, I had to drive half an hour round trip to get my spare key from my mother.
  • While getting into the car to drive to work, I shut the door on every one of my left toes. That is not a good feeling.
  • As of today, I am really digging mis profesores y mis clases. 4 days a week, an hour a day, all Spanish. I think I'll be bilingual by the end of the semester. To "practice" I listen to Spanish AM talk radio while driving about town. ¡Que interesante!
  • If I don't get sushi tonight, heads will roll.


Coodence said...

Nice pun, with the rolls & the sushi.

Lisa..... said...

I bought myself some size 12 jeans too. And I was feeling pretty hot.

Andrea said...

I really need to get a spare key to someone. Right now if I lock my keys in the house or the car? I'm fucked. Royally fucked.

And now you know.

Christie said...

I love Jon and Kate- I tivo it, lmao