Product Endorsement Monday

This is the Bissell Lift-Off Revolution Pet Vacuum:

This was our housewarming gift from my folks. We have a short-haired domestic cat and a fluffy she-beast of a Malamute/Husky.
These are testimonial pictures. That's about a month's worth of fur and dust (but not really).

Holy. Shit.

You see... the vacuum has a brush I wasn't aware had to be turned on to suck the hair out of the carpet. So even though I vacuumed at least twice a week, I wasn't seeing the results I wanted. Lo and behold, Buzz figured out how to use it properly and we got that bucket of yuck out of our carpet. And that's just the downstairs.

Our Bissell Pet Vac RULZ!!!

So, Bissell? We applaud you for a job well done. That vacuum is worth every penny we didn't spend on it.


Katy said...

Holy Shit, that is disgusting and beautiful all at the same time.

Lisa..... said...

I have the same vaccum!!! When we got it we were so excited at how much dog hair it picked up, yet disturbed by the same fact.

Buzz said...

That crosseyed dog has a lot of hair.

And the vacuum is up to the task.

Sassy One said...

SOO key to have a good vacuum with pets. That hairy mess reflects my vacuum job this morning. Sadly, it was only from less then 2 days. Hairy fuck of a dog.

Andrea said...

If I wasn't poor I'd buy one. But my vacuum will have to suffice.