Nostalgia or Writer's Block: You Be The Judge

Two and a half years ago I posted about Officer Bird on the other blog. No one had really heard of nor remembered the parrot I spoke of.
Shortly thereafter, Maine informed me the correct spelling was Officer Byrd. The mystery was solved.
Years later, that blog post is still getting comments.
I guess for today I wanted to take a trip back to when times were simple. When I didn't have my own place to maintain, animals to care for, a job to go to or a bachelor's degree to pursue. I want to remember The Smurfs. The Snorks. Fraggle Rock. The Muppet Show. The Muppet Babies, for that matter.
Drop me a line today and take me back... way back. What do you miss most from when you were carefree? For me it was being able to watch Garfield on the Saturday morning cartoons. As long as my brother, Crusty and I didn't wake my mom, we could sit downstairs and have Oreos in milk for breakfast. Wearing footie jammies likely. Under a fort made of pillows and blankets.
Ah... the good ol' days.


Coodence said...

I guess me and Ang watching movies on Sundays, Pippi Longstocking, Overboard, etc. etc.

ceedee said...

Tuna fish sandwiches on the top step of the pool. "Only I can stand on the letter 'C'!" Ventura County Fair. Banana seat bikes. Chad Berman. Barbie Dream House. The wallpaper (?!?) in Curt's bedroom. MTV when it played videos. Richard and Tischa (sp?) Painting Rose's window for Xmas. Grandma Seaton. Cynda Keevey. Eddie Drummond. Doakes and Mae and their See's candies. Hibiscus flowers in my backyard. The black-bottomed pool. Green carpeting. Brown carpeting, for that matter. Hippie Lou too! The sunroom. Ha! Too many memories!

Andrea said...

My entire summer experience from my entire childhood. Being at the pool all day with my friends. Then going to the farm after that for a cookout, music, and riding the go-cart and motorcycles. The parents would drink and sing and talk. The kids would ride and play and sneak drinks and it was just fun and happy times. Family and friends. I loved it. I miss it.

Also? When younger, playing spotlight tag with our neighbors and just generally all the stuff we did each summer. Man...

Lisa..... said...

I totally bought She Ra from Amazon.com so I could enjoy remembering one of my favorite shows. My sister and I played with those dolls forever and a day.

Sassy One said...

I use to sit and pick stones out of my jellyshoes while watching the Get Along Gang :)

Shora said...

The best was this time of year, when school let out and we'd be facing absolute freedom... and July and August seemed to go on for YEARS!

Happy weekend babe.

Buzz said...

Sunday Mornings after church, changing clothes and fishing at my Grand-dads pond. Can of Pepsi and American Top 40 on my off brand walkman. Gave me about 2 full hours of no family or other people to deal with.

"Bring the bluegills home, throw back the bass."