Moral Of The Story Hump Day

When I was a wee girl I once chucked a handful of change in a parking lot. When my dad asked what the heck I thought I was doing I could feel my cheeks flush with embarrassment. "But, Dad! They're only pennies!" I got a stern talking to that day about the value of money.
When Buzz and I went to Disneyland in April, he did almost the same thing: chucking handfuls of change into every fountain we passed. I was mortified. I told him it was OK to make a wish on pennies but throwing silver coins (needless to say several of them at a time) away was practically blasphemy. Those coins will buy us a house one day!!! He may have thought I was off my rocker but I was serious.
Since I've been walking Kiyah, I have found many, many pennies on the ground and each and every time, I pocket them to bring home with me. Sure, there's the luck aspect but ultimately I wouldn't want my dad to find out I was passing the opportunity to collect money. I heard on the radio the other day that a certain runner saved all the change he found on his runs over the course of many years and ended up with something like $8,000. Go figure. I usually just save all the change I get or find until the end of the year and usually end up with at least $50.
In this tough economy and current recession, I thought I would pass this information along because I'm a giver. It's what I do. No need to thank me.
MORAL OF THIS STORY: A penny saved is a penny earned.


Sassy One said...

I'm going to start picking up the money I see! Sassy needs a new pair of shoes!

Lisa..... said...

My husband empties his pockets at the end of the day, and they are usually full of change. He never carries the change the next day, instead he just leaves it there. I started collecting it a jar until it's like $30. Then I take the kids out for a treat or a movie or something. Waste not, want not.

Coodence said...

You could also pick up clothes people leave on the streets. Then use the money you've found to rent out a store front, sell the clothes you find and make a shit load of money.

You're welcome.

ceedee said...

you quoted Ben Franklin! Yay, Philly!

fyrchk said...

I once rolled my ex's pennies for him. The deal was that since I was doing the work I would get half. I ended up with $7.83.

I always pick up change! Possibly because I am poor.

Buzz said...

I've since dialed back on the on the change in the fountain habit.

Mostly because you said "yes" and there's nothing more to wish for.

Pickin' up pennies and droppin dimes... That's my girl!!!

Andrea said...

I pick up any and all change I find. I have a piggy bank. I need to see how much is in there. I wonder if it will cover my vacation? Ha!

Also, today I packed my lunch and did not go out to buy lunch or use gas. I need to do this more often.

exile said...

free money? fuck yeah i'll take it

even if it is only pennies

Katy said...

I shit you not, my Dad has stopped in a damn intersection because he spied some change. I too have received the penny lecture.