Hump Day

Silly Pooperdopolis
Ok... so what I want to know is who is teaching who that this is the proper way for animals to sleep? On their backs. Like humans. Oh no... I didn't just catch them candidly like this. This is how these dummies sleep.
Silly Keekers.

MORAL OF THAT STORY: I got nothin'.


Lisa..... said...

On the table? That seems uncomfortable.....animals are weird.

Randi said...

I hate the table thing. Hate. It.

Nancy said...

My pug sleeps this way too
head on a pillow with a blanket--in his OWN bed.

fyrchk said...

Bella does it too. Ever since she was a wee little baby. Check your email.

Sassy One said...

LOL adorable. Although when cooper sleeps like that...all I see is his wanger and it upsets me.