Hump Day!!!

Writer's block certainly sucks.
Each blog post takes more effort than the last.
Do you ever have that problem?
Not having much to say?
Everything seemingly mundane in you life?
So you try to make something out of nothing,
Do your damndest to entertain "the people"
And you realize you're falling horribly short?
Yeah, I thought so.

Going to the Dodger game tonight... that's all.

MORAL OF THAT STORY: Ask and ye shall receive. Knock and the door shall open.


Coodence said...

Why, I have it often.
Ever wonder why posts are so short?
Don't have much advice to give.
Nobody minds wee posts and pictures.
Especially gratuitous nephew shots!
Something to consider.
Dodgers tonight, maybe yield some fodder.
And soon, the weekend!
You're a good kid, don't give up hope.

Buzz said...

We're going to the dodger game!
Eating your leftovers, my bad.
Dang it was tasty!
Nantucket house makes me smile.
Empty gas-tank, need to fill.
Shrinking hairline got noticed.
Didn't smile until you called.
A left on Wooley, such a long song.
Yankees suck, Cod.

Kinda random, so shoot me.


Lisa..... said...

When that happens I don't blog.
Everyone has limits.
Don't be a slave to your blog.
Not sure if I can finish this word.
Eh, I think I'll give up.....