How Much Is That Doggy In The Window?

When I was a wee girl of two years of age, my parents bought me a black kitten for Christmas. We used to watch a lot of Bewitched so we named that little girl Samantha. My brother was born a while later and when we grew up we wanted a puppy. We got an Akita and named her Ona. One fateful summer day I opened the front door, she tried to make a break for it and got run over by a neighbor in the street in front of our house. Needless to say, she died. I currently work for the brother of the man that killed her.
About a year later we welcomed the next puppy, Tippi, into our lives. She was a Border Collie/Labrador mix and she had an extra toe that you could completely twist around and she felt nothing. You could ask her "Tippi, where's Jesus? Tippi, where's grandpa?" and she would make sounds like she was responding. She loved an Oreo in the morning in lieu of a dog biscuit. She was the best thing that had ever happened to me.
When Tippi died I was about 19 years old. I still have her picture on my bookshelf and draped on it is a chain with her dog tag. I loved Tippi too much. Since her passing all I've ever wanted was another dog. There was an ill-fated attempt when I was about 21 when I tried to get a puppy but our apartment didn't allow it so I had to give her to a friend. After that I sort of gave up.
Then Buzz came into my life and along with him came his Husky/Malamute mix - Kiyah. Oh Kiyah. Not only is she beautiful but she is a lover, buddy dog. She's well behaved and loved immediately by anyone who sees her. She's a bit full of herself because she knows how gorgeous she is but I love her just the same. And boy does that dog love me. We're thick as thieves.
However, Kiyah is a bit spoiled and loves to be indoors. She doesn't mind sleeping on the bed. Unfortunately, me working 40-hours a week while her dad is down in San Diego is not conducive to maintaining the lifestyle she had grown accustomed to so we had to rig up a high line/harness deal for her be able to roam the yard while safely secured. Kiyah is a bit of an escape artist. A modern day Houdini, if you will. When Buzz and I got engaged we had left her in Crusty's parents' yard and she managed to get out while we were in Los Angeles at the Dodger game. That was a tense several innings but made for a memorable engagement tale. We got her home safe and sound.
Well yesterday, Kiyah managed to wrap her leash around the leg of the table in our yard, twist herself out of her harness and dig a hole to the front of the apartment. When I came home, she was gone and the yard was a mess. Luckily, we have dope neighbors and they found her and took her in. I started to wonder... did I really want a dog? To have this much worry and responsibility? To clean up so much poop? To vacuum up so much hair?
And then I see her happy bunny butt bouncing along on the beach or get one of her kisses or hear the joy in her whiny welcome and I think she's the cat's pajamas.

MORAL OF THAT STORY: Be careful what you wish for.


Coodence said...

She is such a buddy dog!

ceedee said...

Oh Mammy, how I miss you
Hippie Lou, too....

Andrea said...

I love my dogs. I can't imagine not having dogs. Even with all the dog hair and poo picking up and times I just want to put a muzzle on the beagle so she'll shut the fuck UP! But at the end of the day, I'd much rather have her barking her head fool off and pissing me off than not have her there to cuddle with me the second I appear to be crying.

I'll stay off my soapbox, though. :)

PS - Thank you for not saying bee's knees.

Sassy One said...

I find myself wondering why the fuck I have a dog and what's the point (usually after he's eaten something and has the shits) then something happens and I realize just how much I love him.
They weazle themselves into your heat :)