Book Review Thursday

Last night I finished Steve Martin's autobiography Born Standing Up. This was probably one of the easiest reads of late. There isn't much to it other than him sharing how he got his start. Did you know that as a teen he worked at Disneyland as a magician? As an actor at a playhouse in Knott's Berry Farm? Neither did I.
There is the inevitable tales of a stern father that he could never impress and a few tales of lady lovers along the way. Mostly, this book focuses on his teenage life and pretty much wraps up when he got his big break on Saturday Night Live and ended up being a superstar stand-up comic performing for sell-out crowds.
I really liked the way this book read like he was just reminiscing for friends. He shares pieces of his act, stories from the road and the book is peppered with old snapshots.
I don't know that I necessarily recommend Born Standing Up unless you are a die hard Steve Martin fan or are an aspiring comedian. It didn't exactly knock my socks off or impress me. It was just a nice summer read that hopefully will get me going on picking up some more books for pleasure before school starts again.

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