I'm completely out of my old place! Now I need to unpack and get settled into the new place. Currently it looks like a bomb exploded my things all over the living room. There's blood on the refrigerator, debris everywhere. LOL. Ah, the joys of moving. And now for some open letters:

Dear Dodgers,
Please win more than you lose.

Please come to terms with the fact that you are washed up pop stars trying to make a pretty penny off some gals with mad nostalgia. I would have paid about $50 to see you but the $80 range? Come on.

Dear Gas,
$4.50 a gallon for the cheap stuff? Really?
No Love,


Lisa..... said...

NKOTB, funny you shoould mention that. My husband gets dibs on VIP seats at the Staples center via his boss. I had to hook up 2 coworkers who desperatly NEED to see Jordan, Joe, etc. And last night they forced us to listen to NKOTB greatest hiys at work. They have t-shirts. Saved from like 6th grade.

exile said...

there are some stations where they take nozzels, specially fitted of course, and shove them straight up your ass

Sassy One said...

I tried to get the 'cheap' tickets for NKOTB, but failed...twice. I refuse to pay over $50.00!

Did you hear that they are going to start showing porn at some gas stations? This way you can watch someone else getting fucked too.